Google Code Jam Announcement

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09.05.2006 03:49
Google Code Jam Announcement
Google is offering an exciting competition that encourages and celebrates the engineering, programming and computer science communities in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Since many of our registrants are students, we wanted to contact you to invite any aspiring coders from your University to join us in this competitive event.

The competition consists of 3 online rounds (May 23-24, May 30 and June 3), in which participants compete to solve three coding problems quicker and more accurately than their competitors. We will then invite the Top 50 for the final coding showdown in Dublin, Ireland on June 29, 2006. All travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by Google and we will be giving away €30,000 in cash and prizes!

Registration occurs from May 1 to May 23. If you know of any students who will be interested in participating, please tell them to register at:

We look forward to hosting this event, and hope that we will have representation from your University at the Finals!

Sincerely, Google Code Jam Team

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