Looking for PhD Students in Finance (Michigan State University)

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06.10.2008 22:18
Looking for PhD Students in Finance (Michigan State University)
Мой знакомый профессор попросил запостить
он разместил у себя в блоге объявление - которое возможно будет интересно выпускникам

We (Finance Departmnet of MSU) are looking for good PhD Students for incoming class. The idea is to improve the quality of the program within short time. Yours truly is interested in good applicants. So, if you are smart, ambitious, hardworking guy and have a desire to become researcher in Finance, please send me email and apply.

For good candidates, I will do whatever in my power to give as good deal as we can.

More info here: http://www.bus.msu.edu/fi/phd/

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